Body Mount Bushings


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Nov 1, 2020
West Virginia
Hello everyone. As I continue working on my late grandparent's 1977 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, I keep discovering things that need to be addressed for it can spend time back on the road. One issue that has me puzzled are the body mount bushings. In my spare time, I will search for replacement body mount bushings, however, I have not been able to locate replacements. I have, however, located universal body mounts; which I am open to using if need be. My question is, does anyone on here happen to know the sizes of the body mount bushings for an early 3rd Generation GM B-Body, or does anyone happen to know if there are body mount bushings I could substitute for another GM vehicle, such as a Chevelle or something? Thank you for your help.


May 15, 2020
I wish I knew as my Impala needs them too. The front end squeaks over bumps from the rubbing of the worn out bushings. If I find anything I will post it.

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