69 pontiac bonneville


New member
Jun 8, 2020
Hi guys hoping to get some help.I have a 69 Bonneville and trying to replace the window furring strips and can't seem to get the window to lower alittle more.U tube shows a slotted bolt about center of the door but doesn't work.I have noticed and piece of channel
twards the front that looks like it would be the bottom stop.It is held by two nuts and a bolt at the bottom and wondering if that is it.I don't wont to start taking things apart if I don't have to.Thanks for any help..



New member
May 15, 2020
I do not know exactly how that one works but I work on cars for a living and have learned it is easier most of the time to just go ahead and take things apart or at least loosen them so you can access what you are working on . It makes things much easier and quicker in the end, plus it helps you to learn more along the way.

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