Oldsmobile Delta88 from Germany


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Apr 17, 2019
Hi everyone,

I recently imported an Oldsmobile Delta88 from NY overseas to Germany. It is my first US car. In the past I was more into Japanese Cars. This time I was going for something different. A V8 ;-)

This car will not be a 100% frame off resto. I just do only have limited time and not all the needed Equipment for something like this. But still I want to rebuild it to get a historic license here in Germany. For this it needs to fulfill several criteria (technical and optical). I already encountered several problems and I guess there are more to come. And this is the point where I count on this forum 😉

To be honest, I just C&P from the GBODY Forums, as I found some interesting threads over there. But I still wanted to introduce myself here.
Concerning my Olds, I am ready with electronics, halfway ready with bodywork. My last concern is the engine and especially the Smog System, which I need to get running again.

Spec List:
Olds Delta88 from 1984
Royale Brougham Trim


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