ISO engine wiring harness for 1978 Caprice/Impala


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May 18, 2020
Kalamazoo Michigan
I am Looking for a 1978 (or other compatible year) Caprice/Impala engine wiring harness for my 78 Bonneville for a non-LS swap. I can probably make due with the existing wiring harness, I just need to alter it. Thought I would check here first.
Also looking for a AC delete box (if they even offered these boats without AC).


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May 15, 2020
I seriously doubt you will find a ready made replacement harness for these and I do car wiring for a living. Unless your wiring is burnt or melted together I would try and salvage it. Now if it is damaged to the point you need to replace it your next best bet would be one of two options. One you could get a reproduction harness for another similar GM car and add to it what you need or two get a painless harness which trust me is not painless by anymeans but is still better than starting from scratch. Most wiring issues are due to either bad grounds, bad terminals or bad owners. when I say bad owners I mean people trying to do wiring that do not fully understand what they are doing. I did a quick look around but couldn't find a match for the harness you are looking for it is not much of a issue to get a harness from American Autowire and modifiy it for your need by extending what ever connections are to short and adding what ever circuits need to be added. Just order one for a a car from near your year with similar options. Call them they can help. Almost all GM wiring in between vehicals is very close from this era and earlier, these links will help...........
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