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Aug 23, 2020
New member says hello from Finland!
I have recently acquired my 3rd Caprice, a -88 wagon with 153k KM. All original, except radio.
It's imported here brand new by official dealer and spent first ~20 years of it's life as a hearse.
After retiring it has been retrofitted to original configuration with soft backseats, which are a rare finding here for tax reasons.

I also have a -84 wagon with swapped 6.2 diesel. It's been my daily for five years now. It's not pretty outside nor inside and engine is burning oil, hiding itself in a big smog cloud when accelerating. I've loved it nevertheless and I wasn't looking for a replacement, but as my work colleagues showed me the ad for the ex-hearse on sale I just couldn't resist.

I'm a pit worried for the economics of driving it thou. As gasoline price here will soon exceed 1.50€/liter again and our government have sworn an oath to make fossil fuels too expensive for normal consumers in order to force electric cars down our throats.

This leads to my firs question: Has anyone converted the E4ME carb to run on E85 ethanol?

Next thing in my mind is converting the big headlights to the older style dual lights. Can it be done without swapping the front piece?
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Oct 7, 2018
Lockport, Il
Would like to see pictures of your cars
That's cool you did a 6.2diesel swap I don't see to many of those engines in the GM older trucks around here.


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Aug 23, 2020
I did not do the diesel swap. It's been done way back in 2007... Here are some pictures i had on my HDD at the moment.


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