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Oct 21, 2019
Hi guys. Just wanna say hello and introduce my self. I been around cars since I was a kid Now 30 and might still be considered a kid lol ., IM a body man by trade I have a 1977pontiac Bonneville with a 350 olds and its an older father and son project. Im revisiting this car because I did a lot of things that bug me now. My wife will mainly be driving this car and it will be a street strip car. IM usually racing my 350 olds powered 72 cutlass into the high 11's N/A pump gas iron heads still a street car . Olds power is a theme in my garage . This Bonneville is a bit special to my family. Its been in one way or another owned by my family since 1983 . My dad took over and decided to restore it in 2000 when I was 10. I took autobody in high school and thought I would be cool if we could do it for a shop project at school ( kinda regret it ) but I ultimately took over in about 2009 and got the car done by 2011 with one of my old engines and transmissions from my cutlass . I have a 455 olds im building up for it and a list of upgrades to do to it so my wife can enjoy it I will also be building a th400 and will be adding 3.73 gears. Currently the car ran a best of a 16.2 with one of my old 350's from my cutlass with a th350 and a 3.08 Not too shabby haha ( it was my wifes first time going down the 1/4 mile ) . IM here for some of the specific tech details unique to the B body and perhaps get help setting this particular chassis for drag racing. IM big into budget type builds and its been my niche from day one and doing all my own work is key even if I have to do it twice . I hope to share my work along and make new friends and learn some new things and hopefully share and trade advice . I have made lots of friends over the years on the Oldsmobile forums . I hope this is ok but I do document stuff on my youtube page if you guys wanna checkout what I got going on @ coppercutlass . If not please admins let me know.


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Oct 7, 2018
Lockport, Il
Welcome to the forum
Nice rides
Some of us are on the G body forum
Love the olds power plants myself
Building a 83 regal wagon it will have olds 350
Keep us updated on the cars and we love pics