1994 White Roadmaster Sedan - parked a dozen years


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Jan 19, 2023
Hello and thanks for having me back.
I used to check this forum when the RM was new to me, maybe 20 years ago, but a dozen years ago we both fell on harder times and when a transmission repair was necessary, the funds necessary weren't there. So she's sat, rather unceremoniously, for all this time. I've had people come by and ask if they could take it off my hands, never for very much (not that she's not much to look at right now) but in my mind there's just so much car there, it's a shame to just have it scrapped. I'm sure that's all they would want to do...

Not that it may matter much now but back in the day I had put on Monroe SS shocks and 9c1 springs, so she rode better on the curvy bumpy roads around here. I loved the big beast, the powerful response, the smooth ride... even survived the 2009 $4/gallon gas surge (seems a joke now, eh?) but what I'm told is that a "sun gear" went bad. I didn't have the money then and i haven't found it since, and now that she's sat out I'm sure there's plenty more to consider. But she's still never seen a winter/salted road...

I'm just wondering if there's someone in the Northern New England area that would appreciate her for what she has left, whether interiors (light blue leather) or motor, or whatever. I'm open to a conversation.