Trip meter running haywire


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Aug 24, 2020
Hi everyone, first post so thanks for having me! I have a 1993 Roadmaster and I have noticed that my trip meter will run forwards sometimes, backwards at other times, and most often not at all. The main odometer works perfectly.

I had a contemporary GM truck for a while and I know the odometer and trip meter had a direct mechanical link there - I would think being GM as well and made during the same time that there could be a solid shaft linking the odometer and trip meter in the Roadmaster as well - but then they should both behave in the same way??

I have not had the cluster out because it seems to be tied to the steering column with a stout cable but I would like some idea of what may be wrong and how to fix it please!

BIG EDIT: I have noticed on my way to eork this morning that my odometer is wonky as well. It generally works so I didn't notice it before but it stops and starts. Are these prone to breaking or is the problem with my speed sensor or something?
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