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Jun 29, 2019
Leominster, Massachusetts
My name is Phil and I'm new to this site. I have always owned Oldsmobile Cutlasses (8), almost entirely 1978 or 1979, up until now. I picked up an all original 1978 Delta 88 Holiday coupe back in Dec. 2018 that had 41k miles. It was special ordered by the original owner back in 1978. He wanted a sporty, full-sized car and opted for the base Delta 88 with the new Holiday 88 package which gave you the bucket seats, console, and sport steering wheel out of the Cutlass. He ordered the largest motor available, the 403 4bbl, and the deepest gearset he could get, 3.23s. Those gears were usually ordered when towing a trailer or boat but he did neither. Heavy duty cooling and suspension were required with his choices. As a result, this car is rated to tow up to 6000 lbs with this set-up. It has original paint and interior that are both in great shape, but not perfect. I did a complete tune-up recently and the car runs excellent. The spark plug wires were dated 1978! The rear spiral shocks were dated 1978, also. Those have been changed but I've saved the originals. The only deviation from stock is the addition of a rear sway bar that I got out of a 1996 Impala SS. I got the bar, brackets, and LCA's from the Impala. What a difference in handling! The best addition anyone can make with one of these full-sized cars. I've attached a couple of pictures of the car.
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