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Sep 5, 2018
I recently bought a 2007 6.0 LY6 engine and transmission out of a 2500 series 4x4 suburban. It's a Gen IV V8 around 360 hp. It was from an unfinished project that the guy wanted out of his garage. It's kind of crusty, probably from pushing snow/salt but was only $600. Now, what to do with it? I'm more than half way through a '95 LT1 swap into my 78 Malibu. It could go into my 56 Ford but it would need a front sump pan. The Ford currently has a 400 sbc package with custom oil pan.
Would it fit into my Impala SS without major expense. The oil pan and intake are the areas of concern. I still need the fuse box, fuel system, and drive by wire gas pedal assy.
The Impala ran high 14's with close to 300 hp. Headers, cat back, K&N. Would the 6.0 put the Impala in the 13's and still make it an easy daily driver? From articles it appears a cam change would put it over 400 hp. It has the L92 style heads. It came with a rebuilt but short 4L80E for a transfer case hookup. So I don't think it has a VSS signal. I would probably replace it with a later 4L60E. It came with a separate little computer for shifting the transmission. Although I could probably adapt my Impala 4L60E mechanically, I don't think the later small trans computer would be compatible to shift it.
The Ford was my "take it to the track" car. I had a '95 Corvette LT1 in it with a 700r4, 3.70 psi 9" rear. The tranny gave me a lot of grief and it has a THM350 right now with the 400.
Any thoughts on what to use the LS engine for?
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Jun 27, 2020
Little Rock AR
I'd like to keep reading to learn what I can from your LS swap project. I have a 96 caprice 5.7 with 3.42 Eaton positraction,245/45/17s. and trailor towing package which came with the largest cooling package of all caprices including the police cars. I wish you the best of success with your project. Mike