Having mixed feelings over my babe


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Aug 23, 2020
Maybe many of us have been there, but I'm feeling kinda sad right now and just need to talk about it. I love my caprice, but we have some issues. Firstly the seat is garbage. It is electric, but there is no back reclainer and the seat back is in too low angle for me. I have cerebral palsy and a well shaped seat has come more important to me over the years. Also the seat cushion is tired and has a pit in it. Now I can drive from 10 to a 100 kilometers debending on the day, before my right leg hurts so bad I can't find any position to feel comfortable.
Next there is the fuel economy. Well, what can we except right? I had a ambitious plan to make the CCC-carb work with E85, as we had a campaing here where we got 250 euros compensation form the government for such conversions. I also believed that E85 price would be more stabe when the gasoline price started to rise... The end result being that both prices have risen about as much. So with the higher consumption of E85 there is not much cost savings. Also as a perfectionist, it annoys me that the carb does not work as good as I'd hope. I've lost my motivation to tinker with it, but I'm not ready to admit my defeat either. it's too rich on idle and too rich at cruising speed, but there is a super lean spot at low throttle opening that makes the engine hesitate and stall... I also just started to work part-time because of my condition. I need more freetime to take care for my health. I'm thinking about asking for possible seat modification and investing in an mechanical carb or an aftermarket EFI to get the fuel mixture right. But I'm also anxious can I even afford to drive my Caprice in the long run, as my salary is going to drop now... Don't know what to do. The square body STW's have been my dream car since kindergarden. I've owned 3 caprices over the years and daily driven for past 8 years. It's hard to let go and I don't know what would I get next if I'd swich to another car.
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