Frame Brackets


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Jun 23, 2019
I own a 1977 Chevy caprice classic 2 dr coupe. My question concerns the 2 brackets bolted to the frame and extend to the front engine crossmember. There is one on each side consisting of heavy tubular rods measuring 3/4" diameter. approx. 201/2" long and are attached at each end with 5/8"-grade 8 bolts w/7/16" nuts.
I removed the factory 305 engine and installed a mildly modified 454 engine backed with a 700R4 tranny and a posi tract rear end out of a 95 caprice car. I installed long tube headers and these braces on the front that I described above were removed because they interfered with these headers.
Will this present a problem down the road with my car.What is the technical name for these braces.
Any help will be appreciated.


Oct 7, 2018
Lockport, Il
I think they were put there to stiffin up the frame I know some Gbody cars had them and a lot that didn't. If you can try to fit them back in or make some mods to them
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