1. GP403

    6-Speed 1996 Caprice Wagon FS (See Post)

    NOT MINE Follow the link given. Do not ask me about the car bc I don't know. No idea when it will be sold, but I'm leaving this up for historical purposes ;)
  2. GP403

    Captain Marvel Destroying the Caprices

    Check it out. How many late 80's Caprice squad cars you think will bite the dust here lol ... how many will be CGI? I spot at least one late model in there, too.
  3. B

    New Guy

    Hey guys. I don't actually have a B body yet, but I'm looking at a 1967 Impala 2 door, wondering what I should be looking for, what some good options were, that kind of thing.
  4. GP403

    Differences betwen Caprice and Impala SS (1994/1995)

    Useful? I dunno. Here you go.
  5. Lebowski

    '79 Caprice 2-door Headliner

    I have GOT to change the headliner in my 2dr 1979 Caprice. It's falling down and I can't take it anymore. Is it the same as the 4-doors or a different part? Where's the best place to get one? any tips on changing it would be great too.