To anyone who suffers a broken seat belt lock


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Aug 23, 2020
This happened to me over a year ago. I was unable to source a driver side belt latch from local salvage yards (As I used the last one for my previous caprice) and did not find a new one that would not also include the belt.
Passed last years inspection by sheer luck, as the inspector did not test the belts... Well, it was good for a year now.😁
Now that this years inspection is coming closer, I had to do something to it. Once the internet showed me how to disassemble the lock without breaking it more
I actually found a cheap and easy fix for the broken lock spring that works at least in the driver side lock that has the belt reminder electric switch.

Just take out the dead spring strip and put a generic cone spring under the latch. The belt reminder switch keeps it in place and it is nice and snug under the latch hump!

I used a spring from Lesjöfors with p/n 3187. I'll post a picture of the datasheet so you can source a similar product from another manufacturer.
Hope this helps somebody to keep their B-body in motion!

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