1. GP403

    Found: The GM B-Body: A Love Song In B Major

    Came across this article, its from a while ago but still chock full of info: Going to make some threads with stuff like this I find across the web, (full disclosure) just to get the thread/post count...
  2. GP403

    Captain Marvel Destroying the Caprices

    Check it out. How many late 80's Caprice squad cars you think will bite the dust here lol ... how many will be CGI? I spot at least one late model in there, too.
  3. B

    New Guy

    Hey guys. I don't actually have a B body yet, but I'm looking at a 1967 Impala 2 door, wondering what I should be looking for, what some good options were, that kind of thing.
  4. GP403

    What Did You Do To Your B-Body Today?

    aaaand go. Let's see if we can get a thread like the G-Body guys have built.